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Mustang PTS in the soy bean field.  "C'mon,
Man, that thing ain't a bean picker!!".
E-Flite T-34 Mentor PTS making a 2 wheeled
landing.  "Level, level, lev...Oh, too late!!".
Same Mustang as above, just seconds after
the above shot was taken.  "Sometimes you
get lucky.".
3-Channel Hobbyzone Piper Cub.  "Hey, ain't
you missing somethin'?".
Extreme Flight Yak 54 74".  "The wheels are
supposed to go to the other way when you're
On one wheel after a bounce.  
"They can't all be greasers."
"I told you that you should've flared more."
"Now that's too much flare."
"That carbon fiber prop ain't a
shovel, ya' know."
Examining the damage after nosing into the
ground after a wing over on a go-around.